100% of our proceeds go back to American dairy farmers, when you buy farmer-owned Borden® cheese.
  • Borden Cheese at 11:00am, November 29

    It's National Square Dancing Day. Here's a chance to get out and "Do-Si-Do."

  • Borden Cheese at 11:00am, November 27

    Hitting the stores early? What’s on the must-have list this year (besides cheese, of course)? Share here using #BordenSuperFan for your chance to win free cheese for a year. We pick a new winner every month.

    • Nancy Fiorenza at 11:11am, November 27

      a kitchenaid mixer #BordenSuperFan

    • Dan Jennings at 11:12am, November 27

      a iPAD mini 2! #BordenSuperFan

    • Randi An William at 11:13am, November 27

      #BordenSuperFan A laptop or PC is on my list, but I'm staying in today. It's raining here in MI. :/

    • Trisha Scott at 11:14am, November 27

      concert tickets to see justing bieber #BordenSuperFan

    • JL Maurer at 11:16am, November 27

      A new laptop #BordenSupeFan ....do you still make the Borden Egg Nog in the can? I haven't seen it in a very long time, and it is missed!!

    • Sean Fiorenza at 11:16am, November 27

      Ipad #BordenSuperFan

    • Amber Coshatt at 11:16am, November 27

      A food processor. #BordenSuperFan

    • Steven Epstein at 11:19am, November 27

      #BordenSuperFan wine wine wine and more wine lol

    • Jill Broder at 11:19am, November 27

      This #BordenSuperfan is looking for a microwaves and a Keurig coffeemake! Liked & Shared! Thank you! ❤

    • Ellie Sheely at 11:21am, November 27

      bagels ty for the chance #BordenSuperFan

    • Carole Jacobs at 11:23am, November 27

      #BordenSuperfan Kcup for my Keurig.

    • Tracy Heyer at 11:25am, November 27

      New pair of boots!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Sue Barney at 11:26am, November 27

      I would Love to get the family new coats and boots! #BordenSuperFan

    • Nani Quiroz at 11:26am, November 27

      Variety of board games is a must on our list #BordenSuperFan

    • Cathy Day Jensen at 11:27am, November 27

      A hoverboard #BordonSuperFan

    • Elizabeth L. Thrailkill at 11:31am, November 27

      #BordenSuperFan Eat More Borden Cheese!

    • Stefanie Rodriguez at 11:32am, November 27

      On my list.. Food.. What else.

    • Crystal Sell at 11:34am, November 27

      A new laptop! #BordenSuperFan What about you Jenna Parsons?

    • Stephen Jones at 11:35am, November 27

      #BordenSuperFan i wanted a tablet and got one last week...early and a great bargain too! i got a friend and her husband something early last week also...shhhhhhhh

    • Jason Shreve at 11:36am, November 27

      lots of pie #BordenSuperFan

    • Marilyn Wall at 11:36am, November 27

      #BordenSuperFan a nice pair of boots for me

    • Regina M Hall at 11:38am, November 27

      Momma needs new boots!!!! Good luck everyone and God Bless!! #BordenSuperfan

    • Dottie Prater at 11:42am, November 27

      #BordenSuperFan is looking for the latest Legos for 4 very creative grandchildren! !

    • Katherine L Dockery-Muncy at 11:43am, November 27

      #BordenSuperfan and a slow cooker. liked and shared

    • Beth Hans at 11:43am, November 27

      A recliner #bordensuperfan

  • Borden Cheese at 10:00am, November 26

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Borden Cheese at 6:00pm, November 24

    Cut string cheese into one-inch chunks, wrap in a square of puff pastry and bake until golden. Serve with marinara sauce. Boom. Got a #CheeseHack? Share your cheese, butter and other food hacks here. #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 8:00pm, November 23

    Tangy dijon and a blanket of cheddar with just a hint of grill smoke brings new life to the chicken sandwich. www.bordencheese.com/recipes/detail/47/dijon-cheddar-grilled-chicken-sandwich #Cheesy #Recipe Want more recipes? Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Borden Cheese at 6:00pm, November 20

    Since our cooperative is 100% farmer-owned, 100% of Borden® Cheese proceeds go back to American dairy farm families. See more when you follow us on Instagram. #American #FarmFamily #FarmLife

    • Miguel Orama at 6:59pm, November 20

      Happy thanksgiving to everyone at Borden and Elsie as well as everyone in America!

  • Borden Cheese at 1:00pm, November 19

    A great make-ahead casserole, ready to throw in the oven for a quick, hearty mid-week meal. http://bordencheese.com/recipes/detail/208/baked-spaghetti #Recipe Want more recipes? Follow Borden Cheese on Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Borden Cheese at 1:00pm, November 17

    Which flavor would be your #BordenSuperFan sidekick – cheddar, string, singles? Share it here or on Instagram for a chance to win free cheese for a year. Don’t forget to tag it! #BordenSuperFan

  • Rhonda Hagy Miller at 4:34pm, November 16

    Please..I accidentally froze my Borden sliced cheese..is ot still ok???

    • Borden Cheese at 4:11pm, November 17

      Hi Rhonda - Thanks so much for reaching out with your inquiry. We do not recommend freezing Borden Cheese, doing so can affect the quality of the cheese. Thanks for being a fan!

  • Borden Cheese at 4:00pm, November 16

    We like cheese! We hope you like it, too. #Mootivational

  • Borden Cheese at 5:00pm, November 13

    A flavorful recipe that combines mushrooms and squash in this Italian classic. http://bordencheese.com/recipes/detail/1402/tomato-basil-chicken-marsala Want more recipes? Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram. #Recipe

  • Borden Cheese at 6:00pm, November 12

    You’ll get super-thin ribbons that warm up fast for quick spreadability. Got a #CheeseHack or butter hack? Share them here. #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 10:00am, November 11

    The origins of the Veterans Day holiday date back to President Woodrow Wilson, who proclaimed Armistice Day on Nov. 11, 1919, marking the end of World War I.

  • Cris S Gauer at 12:52pm, November 10

    I am a total #BordenSuperFan to the fullest extent! :) Crave Borden cheese in the morning and night. I love adding it to pasta or in my sandwiches. But the true way to eat it, is right out of the wrapper! If it is an amazing cheese like Borden, you do not need to add anything else :)

  • Allison Odenthal at 12:32pm, November 10

    I love cheese with a lot of things: potatoes, eggs, chips, crackers, sandwiches, chicken. Everything is better with cheese! #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 12:00pm, November 10

    Cheese makes everything better! What are your fave foods to add cheese to? Let us know and tag it #BordenSuperFan. At the end of November, we’ll choose one lucky fan to win free cheese and butter for a year!

    • C Roberts Clark at 12:10pm, November 10

      #BordenSuperFan grits

    • Amy Burton at 12:10pm, November 10

      #BordenSuperFan scrambled eggs

    • Chasity Smith at 12:10pm, November 10

      I have a problem with adding cheese to most all of my fave foods lol but I dont see it as a problem :D #BordenSuperFan

    • Cindy Earls at 12:11pm, November 10

      Veggies: Cauliflower, Broccoli and Mexican food, hot dogs, sandwiches, put it on crackers...so many things! #BordenSuperFan

    • Peggy Witkowski at 12:14pm, November 10

      Veggies sandwiches,chicken many more thins #BordenSuperFAn

    • Jeyn Miller at 12:14pm, November 10

      Ummm....everything. No really.

    • Susan Lord at 12:14pm, November 10

      Creamy gooey grilled cheese! #BordenSuperFan

    • Nadya LeMoon at 12:14pm, November 10

      Eggs, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, chicken (when I bake it, I use mayo, mushrooms and tons of cheese)! #BordenSuperFan

    • Anggie Marie at 12:14pm, November 10

      i love to add cheese to my potatoes, Nachos , tacos , most everything I eat tastes better with borden cheese #BordenSuperFan

    • Laurie Marciniak at 12:16pm, November 10

      Everything!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Jillian Broderick at 12:16pm, November 10

      What doesn't go better with cheese but my favorite is ziti turning it into baked ziti dripping with fabulous cheeses! Liked & Shared! Thank you! 😘 #BordenSuperFan

    • Leisa Wooten at 12:16pm, November 10

      Chili dogs and potatoes are just a couple! #BordenSuperFan

    • Crystal Amason at 12:18pm, November 10

      Vegetables! My 5 year old always says she's makes her asparagus broccoli and cauliflower so much better lol and stuffed meatloaf with mozzarella cheese #bordensuperfan

    • Tammy White at 12:18pm, November 10

      Everything, eggs, potatoes, sandwiches, casseroles...yum.

    • Nani Quiroz at 12:18pm, November 10

      We love Cheesy Turkey Tetrazzini everyone must try with your Turkey leftovers yumm #BordenSuperFan

    • Terri Ingham-Bollin at 12:19pm, November 10

      Potatoes, nachos, tacos, chicken, broccoli, ect ect ect

    • Sheri Danish at 12:19pm, November 10

      Everything! #BordenSuperFan

    • Carole Jacobs at 12:19pm, November 10

      Casseroles are delicious with Bordens

    • Erica Pearsall at 12:21pm, November 10

      Mashed potatoes! #bordensuperfan

    • Amber Daniel at 12:22pm, November 10

      Dark chocolate!! It's delicious #BordenSuperFan

    • Sheila Vives at 12:22pm, November 10

      Pastas, Rice Dishes, Breads, and Veggies #BordenSuperFan

    • Candace Alexander at 12:24pm, November 10

      tacos, chili, nachos, potatos, spaghetti, hot dogs, hamburger, everything...

    • Poonam Gosain at 12:24pm, November 10

      Grilled chicken cheese sandwich #BordenSuperFan

    • Allison Odenthal at 12:29pm, November 10

      I love cheese with a lot of things: potatoes, eggs, chips, crackers, sandwiches, chicken. Everything is better with cheese! #BordenSuperFan

    • Stephen Jones at 12:30pm, November 10

      #BordenSuperFan i made baked Mac n Cheese a few days back!!!

  • Borden Cheese at 4:00pm, November 9

    Thanks to 10,001, we have the light bulb. Get started on your journey. Protein-packed cheese can help fuel the way. #Mootivational

  • Borden Cheese at 7:00pm, November 6

    Leftover barbecue beef? Forget sandwiches. Try these #quesadillas instead. http://bordencheese.com/recipes/detail/15/bbq-ranch-quesadillas #Recipe #Cheesy Want more recipes? Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Borden Cheese at 6:00pm, November 5

    100% of our proceeds go back to American dairy farm families because Borden® Cheese is made by a 100% farmer-owned cooperative. #American #FarmFamily #FarmLife

  • Amanda Landry at 10:10am, November 4

    #BordenSuperfan who doesn't love cheese? It makes everything better!

  • Borden Cheese at 10:00am, November 4

    Woo hoo! A big congratulations to our October Borden Super Fan. Be sure to let us know why you love Borden Cheese using #BordenSuperFan for your chance to win this month. That means free cheese for a year!

    • Joni Mason at 10:10am, November 4

      I love Borden Cheese most of all for it's yummy taste and for the quality ingredients used to make it. #BordenSuperFan

    • Angela Swinson at 10:12am, November 4

      It's delicious and we eat it on and with EVERYTHING! :) #BordenSuperFan

    • Angela Meek at 10:13am, November 4

      Congrats! =)

    • Nani Quiroz at 10:21am, November 4

      Wow awesome Congratulations!!!

    • Jillian Broderick at 10:28am, November 4

      #BordenSuperFan because everything goes better with Borden Cheese! Liked & Shared! Thank you! 💙💜

    • Nancy Fiorenza at 10:31am, November 4

      yummy I love your cheese #BordenSuperFan

    • Andrea Mackey Winking at 10:48am, November 4

      #BordenSuperFan I love Borden Chesse!! It makes good food even better!!

    • Rhonda Hagy Miller at 10:49am, November 4

      I love Borden Cheese because it makes everything better..esp my day!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Mary Beaudoin at 11:03am, November 4

      #Bordensuperfan. because it's the best

    • Steven Epstein at 11:10am, November 4

      you make the best omelets with Borden!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Sean Fiorenza at 11:30am, November 4

      #BordenSuperFan here you had me at cheese

    • Carol Burgess at 11:30am, November 4

      #BordenSuperFan The best cheese in the world. Yum!

    • C Roberts Clark at 11:39am, November 4

      #BordenSuperFan The smoothness that comes from borden its the style in which its made makes me a borden fan its so creamy and just plain delicious

    • Miguel Orama at 11:44am, November 4

      Welcome to the winners circle! Congratulations

    • Nicole Ford at 11:54am, November 4

      thank you best win ever

    • Michele Taylor at 12:10pm, November 4

      Because its the tastiest cheese around! #BordenSuperFan

    • Rob Fiorenza at 12:53pm, November 4

      congrats great prize I want to win I love Borden #BordenSuperFan

    • Cindy Earls at 1:46pm, November 4

      #BordenSuperFan I love Borden because it's the best!

    • Niki Johnson at 6:46pm, November 4

      Love the great taste and variety. #BordenSuperFan

    • Denise Johnson at 9:40pm, November 4

      Congrats to the recent winner #BordenSuperFan! Hoping I'm the next super fan, because I love the taste of Borden Cheese!

    • Zack Sudler at 10:25pm, November 4

      Congrats! I too am a #bordensuperfan.

    • Jay Hawk at 7:31am, November 5

      Because it's Borden Cheese - what more do you need? #BordenSuperFan

    • Tara Sullivan Stewart at 11:56pm, November 10

      I'm next :) to join Nicole Ford. . Great service you all are doing at Borden !

  • Borden Cheese at 11:10am, November 2

    It’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). We’ll get you started. “Grilled cheese sandwiches always reminded him/her of…” Now, add the next line with #BordenSuperFan for your chance to win free cheese for a year!

    • Racheal Miller at 11:11am, November 2

      Who won for last month? :)

    • Chasity Smith at 11:12am, November 2

      Grilled cheese sandwiches always reminded her of chilly fall nights at home with the family at dinner time #BordenSuperFan

    • Sheri Danish at 11:14am, November 2

      Grilled cheese sandwiches always reminded her of childhood memories #BordenSuperFan

    • Ann Marie Stelma Graff at 11:15am, November 2

      Snow days and no school. We would have grilled cheese and tomato soup.

    • Angela Meek at 11:15am, November 2

      ...the warm embrace of her mother. =) #BordenSuperFan

    • Kimberly Snyder at 11:19am, November 2

      Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Always Reminded her of "Childhood summers, when life was simple, and a warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich was the next best thing to being wrapped up in a grandmother's loving arms." #BordenSuperFan

    • Deborah Farris at 11:19am, November 2

      Playing outside in the cool autumn air and mom calling her in for lunch! #BordenSuperFan

    • Margaret Maggie Porter at 11:21am, November 2

      Grilled Cheese Sandwiches always reminded me of my granddaughter when she was little. She loved a good grilled cheese sandwich and "red soup"(tomato) lol #BordenSuperFan

    • Dan Jennings at 11:23am, November 2

      Grilled Cheese Sandwiches always reminded me of being a kid again! #BordenSuperFan

    • Nancy Fiorenza at 11:24am, November 2

      Grilled cheese sandwiches always reminded me of home being there with my 4 sisters , brother , mom and dad enjoying that with a bowl of tomato soup it was just fun #BordenSuperFan

    • Nani Quiroz at 11:25am, November 2

      Grilled cheese sandwiches always reminded her of the 1st time she had made them for him. The delicious snack they would always enjoy together. #BordenSuperFan

    • Suzanne Maldovan Blythe at 11:29am, November 2

      Of home when I was younger.:)

    • Rick Hanson at 11:34am, November 2

      #BordenSuperFan, grilled cheese sandwiches remind me of a simpler times, when people said hello to eachother, when a police officer was someone to look up to.....

    • Claudia McGee at 11:50am, November 2

      #BordenSuperFan ~ Grilled Cheese Sandwiches always reminded me of my Grandma , it was her favorite sandwich .

    • Ashley Keinath at 11:53am, November 2

      Grilled cheese always reminded him of the good old days.... Simple enough

    • Barbara Mayes at 12:17pm, November 2

      how the sun meets the horizon, and of his mother's love #BordenSuperFan

    • Stephen Jones at 12:38pm, November 2

      learning to make these as a kid and he's always been a #BordenSuperFan ever since!

    • Stephen Jones at 12:38pm, November 2

      Kay Vicars

    • Cheryl Christian at 12:53pm, November 2

      Grilled cheese sandwiches always remind me of my grandma making those and tomato soup when I would come to stay as a kid. My favorite meal.

    • Judy Levins Zurow at 12:56pm, November 2

      lunch at home with Mom.

    • Cindy Earls at 12:58pm, November 2

      The comfort food her mother made her, with love. #BordenSuperFan

    • Sherri Kidwell at 1:13pm, November 2

      A mothers love on a cold wet day.#BordenSuperFan

    • Robin Jedele-Pescador at 1:44pm, November 2

      “Grilled cheese sandwiches always remind me of my mom, she passed away in March and everytime I make them, I smile...” #BordenSuperFan

    • Rob Fiorenza at 1:44pm, November 2

      Grilled cheese sandwiches always reminded me of my grandma and being there on the weekends #BordenSuperFan

    • Breanna Danielle Pollard at 2:13pm, November 2

      the cheese is all I need #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 3:46pm, November 1

    Don't forget to fall back today! The purpose of Daylight Saving Time is to make better use of daylight. The idea was conceived by Benjamin Franklin in 1784.

    • Rick Hanson at 6:55pm, November 1

      Which gives YOU more time to make more #CHEESE!

  • Jimmy Casper James at 10:10am, October 31

    Love 'Borden' cheese!!! That little cow on the logo is such a good little buddy. My grilled cheese sandwiches wouldn't be the same w/ out your products!!!!

  • Borden Cheese at 10:00am, October 31

    Happy Halloween!

    • Dale Garrett at 11:10am, October 31

      Snickerdoodle's hoping for some Borden Cheese treats and no tricks tonight! :)

    • Racheal Miller at 12:23pm, October 31

      Happy Halloween! :)